frequently asked questions
1. insert your invoicing and delivery details. those who are already registered logging on will be sufficient
2. check your order
3. insert your payment details (only for new clients)
4. you will receive a provisional order confirmation immediately, it will be followed by the definitive confirmation with shipping details and transport costs.
contact us: phone +355 692090024, tel +355 692096201, email bru_com2@yahoo.com
the transport costs are calculated based on the weight, volume and the destination of the shipment.
for questions regarding possible modifications, you should contact us on the following number +355 692090024.
during the second step you can modify the quantity of an article and eliminate it from the order. for other changes, for example the finish of the article, you should cancel it and re insert it into the shopping basket.
should you wish to cancel an order we can be contacted at bru_com2@yahoo.com  or by calling +355 692090024.
you have the possibility to return the merchandise within 14 days of receiving it. for further information regarding changing or returning orders received, we are contactable at +355 692090024.
you may continue without problem, your order will remain in your shopping basket.
during the 4th phase by clicking on the button "modify" you may change the address which you wish to amend.
you will receive your order as soon as possible. the delivery of the order depends on the place of delivery and the availability of the merchandise. the delivery times will be communicated to you along with the definitive order confirmation.
your profile consists of your invoicing and delivery address for the merchandise. this will allow you, in future, to make orders in an easier and faster way. in your personal profile you may choose to be advised of promotions and events from the kd world.
you will receive directly from the kd team, by email, your personal access details, this will allow you to log on.