signcode wall with PS panel



12.80 € escl. vat.
wall sign with paper print signcode wall with PS panel
the wayfinding signage system signcode is the variant connector system with clip locking made of silver anodized aluminium profiles. the door sign for paper prints signcode comes with a transparent PS-cover: personalize it with direct printing or with foil print or insert paper prints for a quick and easy information exchange without tools. a beveled and discrete frame and the silver coated abs edge connectors make your directional sign signcode a variable yet an elegant eye-catcher. the floor signage system signcode is available in many sizes, single and double sided, as wall, flag or ceiling sign and therefore is the perfect building lettering for hospitals, shopping malls, hotels or office buildings.
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article number product name S.U. single price   quantity  
FSOW65105PS 65x105mm pc 12.80 € escl. vat.  
FSOW105105PS 105x105mm pc 13.80 € escl. vat.  
FSOW65148PS 65x148mm pc 13.80 € escl. vat.  
FSOW210600PS 210x600mm pc 15.10 € escl. vat.  
FSOW105148PS 105x148mm pc 15.40 € escl. vat.  
FSOW65210PS 65x210mm pc 15.40 € escl. vat.  
FSOW148148PS 148x148mm pc 16.70 € escl. vat.  
FSOW65297PS 65x297mm pc 17.10 € escl. vat.  
FSOW105210PS 105x210mm pc 17.30 € escl. vat.  
FSOW148210PS 148x210mm pc 19.10 € escl. vat.  
FSOW65420PS 65x420mm pc 19.80 € escl. vat.  
FSOW105297PS 105x297mm pc 20.70 € escl. vat.  
FSOW148297PS 148x297mm pc 22.50 € escl. vat.  
FSOW210210PS 210x210mm pc 23.20 € escl. vat.  
FSOW65600PS 65x600mm pc 24.10 € escl. vat.  
FSOW105420PS 105x420mm pc 24.30 € escl. vat.  
FSOW148420PS 148x420mm pc 27.70 € escl. vat.  
FSOW210297PS 210x297mm pc 29.10 € escl. vat.  
FSOW105600PS 105x600mm pc 31.10 € escl. vat.  
FSOW297297PS 297x297mm pc 34.00 € escl. vat.  
FSOW148600PS 148x600mm pc 35.40 € escl. vat.  
FSOW210420PS 210x420mm pc 36.70 € escl. vat.  
FSOW105800PS 105x800mm pc 37.40 € escl. vat.  
FSOW148800PS 148x800mm pc 43.90 € escl. vat.  
FSOW297420PS 297x420mm pc 46.10 € escl. vat.  
FSOW1481000PS 148x1000mm pc 51.70 € escl. vat.  
FSOW210800PS 210x800mm pc 60.30 € escl. vat.  
FSOW297600PS 297x600mm pc 61.60 € escl. vat.  
FSOW2101000PS 210x1000mm pc 73.70 € escl. vat.  
FSOW297800PS 297x800mm pc 78.60 € escl. vat.  
FSOW2101200PS 210x1200mm pc 85.60 € escl. vat.  
FSOW2971000PS 297x1000mm pc 95.50 € escl. vat.  
FSOW2971200PS 297x1200mm pc 112.60 € escl. vat.  

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