digital print displays

clever solutions for digital prints: here you can find banner and illuminated displays, strip blocking systems for posters or bills, tentering frames  for big prints in indoor and outdoor spaces, indoor and outdoor storefront advertising systems, picture mounting, flag poles and different multimedia displays to reproduce presentations and videos.
panel connector ix bond

ix bond connector

from 7.20 € escl. vat. show it
panel connector ix bond sandwich connector

ix bond sandwich connector

from 9.30 € escl. vat. show it
posterframe with clips postfix


from 17.60 € escl. vat. show it
banner and poster holder bannerblock with clips

bannerblock with clips

from 24.00 € escl. vat. show it
frame for big print banner angelframe

angelframe profile

from 27.30 € escl. vat. show it
sandwich board signwalk


from 29.30 € escl. vat. show it
frame system woodframe


from 33.50 € escl. vat. show it
steel look frame for fabric banner steelframe


from 35.10 € escl. vat. show it
clamping profile for panels made of anodized aluminium digipressto


from 42.50 € escl. vat. show it